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Search for an Aupair/hostfamily by oneself (without an agency) step by step

The prerequisites for the aupair program in Germany:

  • The age of the Aupairs should be not less than 18 and not more than 27 before applying for the visa;
  • Basic knowledge of the German language (A1 level);
  • Duration of stay: minimum 6 months / maximum 1 year;
  • Minimum 1 underage child in the hostfamily;
  • No relative relations between aupair and hostfamily.

The following process steps are valid for Aupair from countries, which need to apply for visa to Germany:

  Hostfamily Aupair Documents (Download)
1. Register on one of the internet portals (create your own profile). Register on one of the internet portals (create your own profile).  
2. Contact your potential Aupair via E-mail and/or Telephone. Contact your potential hostfamily via E-mail and/or Telephone.  
3. Write a letter of invitation, create a contract and send it to your future Aupair.

Apply for the visa and have an interview in the embassy.

List of required documents:

  • Application form,
  • Passport,
  • 4 photos,
  • Au-pair-contract,
  • Letter of invitation,
  • Visa charge (about 60 Euro).

(Please contact the German embassy in your country for more details.)







Wait for the letter from the aliens department, prepare the following documents and bring them to the agreed appointment:

  • Certificate of the au-pair insurance (e.g. complete online in the Internet, about 30 Euro per month),
  • Household’s certificate (is issued in the registry office),
  • „Commitment“ form, passport, certificate of salary for the last 3 months, 25 Euro fee.

Wait for the letter from the employment office, arrange the following documents and send them to the employment office:

  • Questionnaire and Aupair statement (ask your Au-pair to sign it).
Sign the Aupair statement after having read the „Bulletin of Aupairs in German families”.





Wait for the visa (The visa will be valid for 3 months).

Normally it takes 6-8 weeks to get the visa. In some cases it takes more or less time.


Book a ticket (plane, bus, train etc.) Arrive at the host-family.


Register in the registry office.

Apply for a residence permit in the aliens department (about 50 Euro fee for 1 year).